What if becoming a successful and happy girl boss was just ONE self-sabotaging belief away?
Get Your FREE AFFIRMATION BRACELET + Fear Releasing Rituals Before We Run Out...
discover how to find & Let go of the hidden fears keeping you stuck, playing small and staying invisible online...
Are you tired of feeling stuck, and so ready to take aligned, inspired action so you can grow your online coaching business and finally start making a difference?

Are you introverted, intuitive or sensitive to energy... and feel like, maybe this whole online thing isn't for you (even though you really wanna leave your draining job and feel free to do life your way)? 

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of putting yourself out there (it looks like it comes so naturally to all the other online coaches!)?

Then this ritual experience is made for you.

Cause once you learn to figure out what EXACTLY is holding you back - it's often NOT what you think - and how to release it, nothing can stop you.

I custom made this stainless steel, rose gold "I AM RECEIVING" bracelet for you to wear after you complete your receiving rituals, as a powerful, daily reminder of the space you've created for yourself to receive ALL that's waiting for you on the other side of fear.

Because what you focus on grows.

Get FREE instant access to the Release To Receive Ritual Course (you can begin the releasing rituals while you wait for your bracelet in the mail!) today. 

I hope you enjoy the experience.

So Much ♡ & Light,
Mona Lisa
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